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Color of Success

Jun 25, 2021

Calling all Actors! Does anyone remember the iconic fight scene in Vanishing Son between Chi Muoi Lo & Russell Wong, or have watched Chi in shows like “Nip Tuck,” “Melrose Place,” “CSI,” “NYPD Blue?” He shifted from actor to renowned Hollywood manager, elevating the careers of clients such as Karen Malina White (Disney’s “I Didn’t Do It”)Steven Krueger (CW’s “Roswell: New Mexico”), & Tyler Christopher (“Days of Our Lives”).  Chi is the owner of the production company, Black Hawk Entertainment and the CEO of the talent management company, Allen Edelman Management. Hearing thousands of stories of how young actors have been exploited in the entertainment industry, he has taken his 30 years of experience and created a 7-episode online subscription series, Mastering the Business of Acting.   It primarily focuses on those trying to break into the business, and includes information necessary for working actors and rising stars.

Chi covers a variety of topics ranging from:

  • How to break into the business
  • How to maintain a successful acting career
  • The art and business of auditioning
  • The new technological advancements that now all actors are expected to be experienced in

Chi talks about growing up with 12 other siblings, working in the industry when there were few Asian Americans in Hollywood, and why he is helping to elevate other actors' careers.