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Color of Success

Oct 30, 2023

Grace Yung Foster and I discuss the impact of transracial adoption and foster care on mental health. We address:

  • How to develop one's identity in the face of internalized racism
  • The pitfalls of adoption, including the Savior Complex
  • Ways to engage with individuals who have been adopted and/or are a foster care alumni


Full Bio:

Grace Yung Foster, MBA, Founder & CEO of The Inclusion Initiative
At 3 years old, Grace was orphaned and abandoned at the local market in South Korea and eventually ended up in the US foster care system to be adopted. 
Her very difficult experience as a transracial adoptee and foster youth in a predominately White community influenced her       internalized racism of herself and feelings of never truly belonging anywhere. Now, she has created a community of belonging for those who share her lived experiences.
To connect with Grace:

IG: @theinclusioninitiativellc 



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