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Color of Success

Nov 20, 2023

Juliane Taylor Shore and I discuss her new book, Setting Boundaries That Stick: How Neurobiology Can Help You Rewire Your Brain to Feel Safe, Connected, and Empowered, which explores:

  • The need to consistently work on setting boundaries to see neurobiological change
  • Decision-making as to whether to communicate a boundary to someone else
  • Ways to self-soothe in times of distress


Full Bio:

Juliane Taylor Shore (aka Jules) is a therapist, author and teacher who creates spaces for folx who want to face what’s blocking them so that they can live lives full of self-trust, integrity, purpose, and connection. 

She came to therapy in a hard time in her life and argued with her therapist about whether or not feelings mattered. She found herself transformed by the process, and went on to become a therapist herself. She dove deep into neurobiology to understand feelings and found out that in fact they do matter quite a bit.

Now, she teaches anyone who will listen about how to work with your brain to make shifts that stick and to create loving relationships with yourself and others.  She wants us all to embrace our gifts and our mistakes so that we can harness the best in us to make a more creative, responsible, and compassionate world.


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