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Color of Success

May 1, 2022

What happens when you become a pro body builder and your mother calls your body "ugly?"  How does one cope with an injury and engage in recovery from addiction?  What can you contribute to your community?  

Our guest, Ko Chandetka is a Laotian American professional body builder and became one of the most notable Asian Americans in the sport, winning titles and landing a major sponsorship.  However, he suffered an injury which led to an addiction to pain killers, depression, anxiety and alcoholism, and losing his sponsorship.  He worked on his recovery from addiction and made a come-back in his 40's, earning an IFBB Pro Card and Placed 7th at the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest. He has since retired from the sport, co-founding the Lao American Sports Hall of Fame to recognize and inspire other Laotian athletes and launching the SEA4Podcaat: South East Asian Athlete Achievement > Adversity.  He is currently a bodybuilding and nutrition consultant, living in South Elgin, IL.


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