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Color of Success

Mar 11, 2023

In this captivating mid-season episode, Netflix's Bling Empire: New York star, Blake Abbie delves into the complexities of his identity, sharing his experiences growing up in Canada as a person of Chinese-Scottish descent, and incorporating Chinese traditions to grieve the loss of a parent. Blake also opens up about having conversations with his mother about having children and building a "non-traditional" family. Additionally, he discusses the genuine friendships and hardships captured on the reality show, sharing insights on balancing being supportive to friends during difficult times, while also filming for the show. Finally, Blake shares his admiration for his fellow cast members, Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Nam Laks, and Lynn Ban, highlighting their positive characteristics.




Chinese-Scottish Canadian, Blake Abbie was born in Montreal, and grew up in Vancouver. A trained classical singer, Blake began working in fashion while studying in Paris and later London. He has worked as an editor at fashion culture publications System and Document and is currently the editor at large of A Magazine Curated By.


Alongside fashion, Blake is an actor and was cast in the Netflix and Hunan TV co-production Meteor Garden 流星花. He currently stars in the Netflix reality show, Bling Empire: New York.


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