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Color of Success

Sep 27, 2022

Join the cast of Netflix's Partner Track, Desmond Chiam (Z), Rob Heaps (Nick Laren), Kelvin Han Yee (Franklin 'Papa' Min), Rich Ting (Carter Min), Esther Moon (Soo-Jung Yun), and Jo Sung (Sang-Hoon Yun) as we talk about the show's cultural impact and ways they draw from their life experiences to portray their characters.

Other highlights:

  • Giving Arden Cho her flowers
  • Rob speaking Korean 
  • Playing a game of "Who is most likely to...?"
  • The cast encouraging Des to take off his shirt more times than we can count

Thank you, Jo for bringing us together!  This has been one of the best experiences ever, spending over an hour with humble, fun, and down-to-earth human beings!


Partner Track follows Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho) as she navigates her road to becoming a partner at a large law firm, handling corporate cases.  Simple right?  Work hard, get the job?  Did I mention she’s a young, Korean American, woman in a historically old boys club, and grapples with high expectations from her parents?  These are just some of the topics that are addressed that make this show groundbreaking.

Partner Track is streaming NOW on Netflix!  


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