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Color of Success

Mar 4, 2023

Join Lulu Ge and I, as we dive into everyone's favorite topic: Periods! Lulu, the founder of Elix, shares her journey of experiencing debilitating pain after going off birth control at a pivotal point in her career, and finding her way back to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) roots. We explore how Elix is destigmatizing and normalizing menstrual and hormonal health through their innovative East meets West approach. Discover how Elix's digital platform combines TCM's 5,000 years of wisdom with a proprietary algorithm to empower self-healing, and their pure and potent liquid herbal extracts to treat hormonal imbalances at the root cause of painful and life-disrupting symptoms. Get insights into how Elix's digitized TCM health assessments and consultations offer easy access to personalized herbal liquid formulas to heal holistically.  Elix's recent clinical trial results, independently validate the efficacy of their hero product, Cycle Balance, which significantly reduces the severity of 15 common menstrual symptoms.

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