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Color of Success

Mar 20, 2023

In today’s episode, Dr. Manoj Krishna and I talk about how wisdom, examining one’s inner thoughts and feelings, will help us address stress, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, and climate change.  Curiosity is a key concept that could unlock our ability to connect with others and find a sense of inner peace.


Manoj Krishna trained as a doctor in India before coming to the UK to pursue a career as a spine surgeon. He left that career after 25 years to write the book, Understanding Me, Understanding You- an enquiry into being human, and launch the Human Wisdom Project, which aims to help people access their own wisdom which comes from self-knowledge. This can be life-changing and make the world a better place. His new book Stress Free, was published in May 2022. The HumanWisdom App for adults launched in July 2022.

He believes that understanding ourselves and how our minds work awakens our inner intelligence, which leads to wisdom, and can lead to transformation. This understanding can prevent and solve many problems which begin in our thinking: stress, anxiety, relationships breakdown, violence, addiction and climate change. It leads to the realisation that deep down, we are the same human being because our minds function in similar ways. This results in compassion, goodness and a sense of peace. By understanding ourselves, we can understand others better, leading to fulfilling relationships. Rather than just deal with the symptoms of stress, this approach uncovers the root of it in our thinking, and can end it completely.

He thinks if we could scale this wisdom to the world, we could create a better future for humanity.

He works in education to bring this wisdom to children, who are the future of humanity. Our current education system only educates you about the world around us and can make you a successful doctor or bus driver, but to be an excellent human being you need a different kind of intelligence, which comes from this understanding of how our minds work.

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