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Color of Success

Aug 29, 2022

Oliver Chin is the founder of Immedium, a SF-based, independent publisher of multicultural children’s picture books.  Oliver enjoys inspiring students to read, write, draw, and create their own stories.  He is the author more than 20 books. The popular Tales from the Chinese Zodiac is one of the longest running series...

Aug 22, 2022

In this episode, Aaron Luo and I discuss:

  • How to break into the Fashion Industry
  • Ways to build brands and businesses, infusing cross-culturalism
  • The benefits of having conversations about race/ethnicity
  • Advice to young and new entrepreneurs

Aaron Luo is the Co-Founder & CEO of Caraa, a NY-based sport bag and accessory...

Aug 13, 2022

Christine Salcedo is an Army Reserves Veteran who served a tour for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  She is guided by the mantra: "Be kind."  We discuss:

  • Her journey as a female, Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI), Army Reserves Veteran
  • Transitioning back to civilian life after being...