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Color of Success

Jan 29, 2024

Juliet Hooker and I discuss her new book, "Black Grief/White Grievance" and:

  • Historical context of the contents of the book
  • Weaponization of White victimhood 
  • Ways we can interpret information as informed citizens
  • Working towards a more equitable workplace and society

To purchase her book: 


Princeton University...

Jan 8, 2024

In the first episode in 2024, Cordell Carter and I discuss:

  • The definition of belonging
  • Diversity as being a given in organizations due to the changing demographics in the country
  •  Belonging being the destination and DEI, the strategy to work towards that destination
  • Framing DEIB in terms of profit-and-loss...

Nov 27, 2023

Alan Jenkins is a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School where he teaches courses on Race and the Law, Communication, and Supreme Court Jurisprudence. In this episode, we discuss the:

  • Definition of justice
  • Use of graphic novels to communicate social commentary
  • Resources needed to decrease incarceration...